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Article Title : Investigation on Solubility of Hydrogen Sulfide in Molten Sulfur Using Iodometric Back Titration Method

Journal Number : 3 Winter 2018

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1 Faezeh Tari Graduate M.Sc
2 Ahmad Ruzbehani Graduate M.Sc
3 Marzieh Shekarriz Graduate M.Sc


In order to conduct laboratory studies on composition and behavior of Claus-derived molten sulfur, the examined sulfur should contain dissolved H2S and H2Sx with a concentration of about 230-250ppmw. Here, by injecting hydrogen sulfide to sulfur, A method for synthesis of molten sulfur containing hydrogen sulfide and polysulfide as a proper sample for laboratory studies is developed . The product molten sulfur was prepared by injecting the pressurized hydrogen sulfide on the surface of solid sulfur followed by further heat treatments during the time. According to the Iodometric Back Titration (IBT) analysis, final molten sulfur contained 500-1100ppmw of soluble hydrogen sulfide and polysulfide components based on the initial gas pressure.