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Article Title : Application of waste heat recovery unit for CGS heater

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Journal Number : 4 Winter 2019

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1 Maryam Karami Professor PhD
2 Ali Noroozi Graduate B.S


In this paper, the effect of using waste heat recovery unit for preheating of water/glycol mixture of city gate station bath heater is thermodynamically investigated. Governing equations on the heater performance is solved using EES software and the results are compared with/without using heat recovery. As a case study, a city gate station located in cold climate of Iran (Shahrekord) with nominal capacity of 120000 SCMH has been considered. Comparison of the results show that can save energy consumption of heaters is decreased by about 50% using heat recovery unit during a year which results in approximately 82200$ cost saving. The heater efficiency is also increased by about 20%.