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Article Title : Impact of Different Parameters on the Hydraulic and Flow Capacity of Gas Transmission Pipelines

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1 Seyed Mohammad Fatemi Graduate M.Sc
2 Mahdi Koolivand_salooki Post Graduate Student PhD
3 Morteza Esfanyari Assistant Professor PhD


Hydraulic and flow capacity of a gas transmission pipeline is usually affected by different parameters. These parameters are pipeline parameters, gas parameters, system parameters, heat transfer parameters, compression parameters and compressor fuel consumption parameters. Pipeline parameters are diameter, length, effective pipeline roughness and drag factor. Gas parameters are specific gravity, flowing gas compressibility factor and gas viscosity. System parameters are inlet pressure, outlet pressure, flowing gas temperature and elevation change. Heat transfer parameters are burial depth, soil temperature, soil thermal conductivity, and insulation thickness and insulation thermal conductivity. In this study we investigate effect of these parameters on pipeline hydraulics.