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Article Title : Aspen Plus Simulation of Power Generation Using Turboexpanders in Natural Gas Pressure Reduction Stations

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Journal Number : 6 Winter 2020

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1 Bijan Hejazi Assistant Professor PhD
2 Fatollah Farhadi Professor PhD


This paper studies the economic feasibility of installing a turboexpander in parallel with the throttling valve of a city gate station for the purpose of distributed electricity generation through exergy recovery from pressurized natural gas. The preheating requirements are provided by the combustion of a small fraction of the outlet natural gas stream. The simulation of Tehran No.2 City Gate Station demonstrates an exergy loss of more than 36.5 million kWh per year for the present throttling valves. Thermo-economic analyses gives the optimum operating conditions for electricity generation from turboexpander installation. Optimization of preheating temperature leads to an exergy recovery of >60%, cost to generate electricity of <$0.04/kWh, Net Present Value Ratio of >1 and discounted payback period of around ~4 years. Coupling the turboexpander with an automatic preheating temperature control system is recommended to optimize energy recovery under variable operating conditions.