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Vol. 5 No. 5 Summer 2019

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 1396092418392219652 General Design Consideration of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit for Esfahan Steel Company
Fereidoon Alikhani Hesari
Abdulla Abdulla
Omid Chehregosha
2 13971124177549 Control Structure Design and Dynamic Simulation of Mixed Fluid Cascade Natural Gas Liquefaction Process
Talieh Ramezani
Zahra Nargessi
Ali Palizdar
Ali Vatani
3 13971205177800 Intensification of liquid fuel production using Nano Fe Catalyst in GTL process
Mohammad Irani
Asghar Alizadehdakhel
Yahya Zamani
4 13980224179389 The Effect of Intermolecular Interactions on the Properties of Poly(chlorobutyl) / Graphene Oxide and Nanoclay Nanocomposites
Majid Safajou-Jahankhanemlou
Mehdi Eskandarzade
Jamal Movassagh
5 13971121177507 Application of Hydraulic Flow Unit Technique for Permeability Prediction in one Iranian Gas Reservoirs, Case Study
Asghar Gandomkar
6 13980305189725 Application of CFD for Troubleshooting and Hydrodynamic Analysis in an Industrial Three-Phase Gravity Separator
zohreh khalifat
Mortaza Zivdar
Rahbar Rahimi

Vol. 4 No. 4 Winter 2019

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 139611291994660934 Application of waste heat recovery unit for CGS heater
Maryam Karami
Ali Noroozi
2 13970728165115 Energy and exergy optimization of a mini-Scale nitrogen dual expander process for liquefaction of natural gas
Ali Palizdar
Saeedeh AmirAfshar
Talieh Ramezani
Zahra Nargessi
Mojgan Abbasi
Ali Vatani
3 13961223172410101311 Sensitivity Analysis on Effective Parameters on Water Alternative Gas (WAG) Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Ali Mohsenatabar
Siyamak moradi
4 13970914165973 Impact of Different Parameters on the Hydraulic and Flow Capacity of Gas Transmission Pipelines
Seyed Mohammad Fatemi
Mahdi Koolivand_salooki
Morteza Esfanyari
5 13971117177424 Mathematical Modeling to Predict the Rate of Penetration (ROP) Using Genetic Programming
Seyed Ali Seyedalangi
Mohammad Javad Nabavizadeh
MAstaneh Hajipour

Vol. 3 No. 3 Winter 2018

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 1396101818233240127 Prediction of H2S and CO2 Solubility in Aqueous MDEA and MDEA/PZ Solutions Using ELECNRTL and ACID GAS Packages
Omid Sabbagh
Mohammad Ali Fanaei
Maissam Vahidi Ferdowsi
2 139609241658219649 Investigation on Solubility of Hydrogen Sulfide in Molten Sulfur Using Iodometric Back Titration Method
Faezeh Tari
Ahmad Ruzbehani
Marzieh Shekarriz
3 1396092416341719648 Analysis of Counter-Current Imbibition Including Gravity Force through Finite Difference Scheme
Mojgan Ebrahiminejadhasanabadi
Mohammad Reza Ehsani
Mahnaz Tayari
4 1396101818425340130 Impact of Compressor Performance on the Flow Capacity of Gas Transmission Pipelines
Morteza Esfanyari
5 139610181952640133 Pressure Drop in Randomly Packed Absorption Tower in Transient Flow Regime
Gita Sharafi
Rahbar Rahimi
Morteza Zivdar
6 139610181901140131 Effect of coating method and feed pressure and temperature on CO2/CH4 gas separation performance of Pebax/PES composite membranes
Mehdi Pourafshari Chenar

Vol. 2 No. 2 Spring 2017

  Article Code Article Title DOI List of Authors Files
1 1396092020121219590 A Novel Design for Plate Heat Exchangers in LNG Liquefaction Cycle
Elham Mohammadi
Mohammadreza Jafari Nasr
2 1396092021403219594 Wettability Alteration in Near-Wellbore Regions of Gas Reservoirs to Mitigate Liquid Blockage Using Super Water- and Oil-Repellent ZnO/SiO2 Nanofluid Treatment
Pouria Esmaeilzadeh
Mohammad Taghi Sadeghi
Alireza Bahramian
3 1396092121562719606 Asphaltene and Normal Paraffin Effect on Gas-Oil Interfacial Tension During CO2 Injection into Asphaltenic Oil Reservoir
Masoud Riazi
Rafat Parsaei
Yousef Kazemzadeh
4 1396092122573819610 Reducing Energy Consumption in Gas Purification Plants (MDEA base) by Retrofit Design
Omid Sabbagh
Maissam Vahidi Ferdowsi
Mohammad Ali Fanaei
5 13960922092919611 Utilizing Chemical Looping Combustion instead of Fired-Furnace in a Steam Methane Reforming for Enhancement of Hydrogen Production in a Multi Tubular Reactor
Sedigheh Kabiri
Mohammadreza Rahimpor
6 139609220363119612 A New Method to Enhance Separation of Acid Gas from Natural Gas by Mixed Amine Solution
Abolfazl Gharibi Kharaji
Vahid Madadi Organi
Parviz Darvishi

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